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27.09.11, 14:36, "Dirk Laurie" <>:
>  > >     local min, max, floor in math
>  > >
>  > > No new keywords there. I think it would be nice way to easily localize
>  > > globals.
>  > Yes, I like this way, too :)
>  All that you really gain from that sort of syntax is that you do not
>  need to type the names min, max, floor twice, since the support for e.g.
>      from = require "from"
>      local min, max, floor = from.math "min, max, floor"
>  is easy to write directly in Lua.  And if you want to use other names
>  than the ones in the library, you lose.

Agree. But as someone said, simple things should be simple, complex
things should be possible. That's why I love Perl, but embed Lua :]