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steve donovan <steve.j.donovan <at>> writes:

> 2011/9/26 Artur Galyamov <artur-pub <at>>:
> >     local min, max, floor in math
> >
> > No new keywords there. I think it would be nice way to easily localize
> Yes, it's convenient. I agree with Dirk actually that it's not worth
> adding new keywords for this convenience, but it _is_ less ugly than
> the full version.
> steve d.

I think this proposal is quite convenient. At the moment I do something like:

local min, max, sin, cos = ridx(math, "min, max, sin, cos")

which allows me to copy&paste lhs to rhs to minize typing errors.

I also like to proposal to have obj:f returns a closure with "binded" self
argument. I actually thought about this proposal before reading it here, but
I guess it's not that hard to immagine :P