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In my quest to get the coroutine stuff working I?ve got something working
now, but would like your opinion on whether this is going to be solid.
Questions, questions, questions...

I have now setup a scheduler for luasocket, it uses copas, simply by
calling the copas step function (with a timeout) and after each step it
checks whether there is something else to do (basically a timer
functionality), if so, it executes that. Then it goes for another copas
step...  and so on and so forth...

Is this going to be solid? I used some code from and old post to make
copas handle UDP sockets. Now what will luasocket do when data comes in
while copas isn?t listening? (obviously the intermezzo is going to be as
short as possible, but still...). Will luasocket buffer the data? And for
UDP? I haven?t seen a possibility to set a buffersize somewhere in
luasocket, so when will that run out?

Thx for your time!