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Support question (I have as well) on this; whats the going procedure to
update sources of general lua items like this?
Most of the Kepler projects have some forks on github (see luadoc for
example), it that the best way to make the sources available?

Or like Xavier did, dropping it here in the list? Or else...

> -----Original Message-----
> From: []
> On Behalf Of Xavier Wang
> Sent: maandag 26 september 2011 7:08
> To: lua
> Subject: [ANN] A new md5 module for Lua.
> Hi list,
> I have improved a md5 module for Lua, this is based on the lua-md5
> module from keplerproject[1]. I have made these improve:
> * merge sumhexa into binary, now a simple binary module for lua can
> support all md5 functional, needn't a separate pure lua module file.
> * add tohex function, to convert any binary string into hex mode.
> * import sum and sumhexa function to support calculate hash in
> segments.
> now sum can accept a second state argument. the semantics just borrowed
> from slncrypto[2]:
> md5.sum(data)
> 	returns the 16 byte MD5 digest as a string.
> md5.sum(data, state)
> 	if data length is a multiple of 64 byte and not 0,
> 		returns a state, which is a string of digest, blank and a
> decimal number
> 	else only the digest
> 	use "" as initial state
> the same as sumhexa function.
> [1]
> [2]