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2011/9/24 Jeremy P. E. Davis <>:
> I downloaded the later versions of LUA from your website, (5.0 and higher)
> but it’s a “GZ” file and windows 7 won’t let me open it, Is it not usable on
> windows 7 or should I use a program like notepad to open it?

Hi Jeremy,

what you found in the Lua website is the archive of the source code of
Lua. The GZ format is the GNU/Linux equivalent of a ZIP file.

Even if you was able to open the file it will be probably useless for
you because it does contain the source code that needs to be compiled
to be executed. The compilation is a complex procedure that require
the installation of several tools and a lot of expertise. In addition,
even if you succeed you will just have Lua available from the command
line without any graphical facility.

I guess that what you need are the Lua binaries for Windows. They are
available, for example, at the following page:

I hope that helps.

Best regards,