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Petite Abeille <> writes:
>> If you have a chance, could you include in your benchmark David
>> Parsons' Discount library?
> Never mind. It's there already :)
> 	• discount 0.14s
> 	• lunamark 0.42s
> 	• peg-markdown 0.50s
> 	• pandoc 4.97s
> 	• (1.0.2b8) 56.75s
> 	• markdown.lua 996.14s

One of the cool things about LPEG is that, after you get all excited
by how easy it is to write parsers, you then discover that it's _also_
gut-churningly fast... (and that's true even if you're doing tons of
Lua callbacks, especially if you're using LuaJIT)


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