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On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 04:21:58AM +0200, Xavier Wang wrote:
> I'm very sad that nobody reply my last post[1], even Roberto didn't.

Most of us prefer to reply to posts that we have not quite read through 
yet, at a stage when we see some unimportant solecism on which we can
pounce, thus increasing the number of hits Google gives when you search
for our names, without the need to actually do any thinking.

Roberto usually gives us the chance to do a fair amount of bickering
and backbiting before stepping in.  So it is unfair to say "even
Roberto didn't".  In fact, he is probably one of the few who actually
unzipped your patch and tried it out.

One hint: don't start the subject of a new post with "Re:".  It gives
the impression that the thread has been going for some time and some
people may fail even to open the post because they think they missed
where it all started.

Having done exactly what I have described, I shall now close this
reply and continue reading the rest of your post.  :-)