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Hi folks,
I'd like ask you (possibly Marc and Vera) another favor.
Is it possible post - at any hotsite -  videos/mp3 files, pdfs (maybe
slides) and even photos from this workshop?

Many thanks in advance.

On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 12:47 PM, Roberto Ierusalimschy
<> wrote:
>> Thanks Marc and Vera for the excellent organization and welcoming.
>> Thanks to all who were there for your high Lua expertise and
>> for your kindness and open attitude...
> Vera and Marc did an excellent job of pretending that organizing
> a workshop is trivial :) Everything just worked.  Perfect. And the
> participants were all very positive, creating a great atmosphere.
> Many thanks to Marc, Vera, the speakers and all participants for
> this great experience.
> -- Roberto

Marcus Mendes
"A coragem é a forma de todas as virtudes em ponto de prova" C.S.Lewis