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On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 06:57:56PM +0200, Axel Kittenberger wrote:
> On the other hand one could also understand it as sign people care about Lua
> and its Manual being as clear as possible and want to help to improve the
> manual instead of doing personal critism just to pester.
Yes, but “improve” depends on one's definition of what is good.

Let me tell you a fable.

    One day Simon opened a fish shop, and put a sign in front of it,
    painted on a board one meter square: “Fresh fish sold here daily.”

    His friend Paul told him: “There's no need for the ‘daily’.
    If it's fresh, stands to reason you're getting new ones daily.”

    Simon changed his sign to: “Fresh fish sold here.” 

    The next day, Paul said: “Actually, there's no need for ‘sold’.
    Nobody expects you to give away fish for free.”

    Simon changed his sign to: “Fresh fish here.”

    The next day, Paul said: “There's no need for ‘here’ either. One 
    would not put up a sign in one place and sell fish in another.”

    Simon changed his sign to: “Fresh fish.”

    The next day, Paul said: “That's almost perfect.  But in this town 
    you're not allowed to sell fish that's not fresh.  So you can paint 
    out the ‘fresh’ too.”

    Simon decided to paint out the whole board and put “FISH” on it
    in huge letters.

    For several days, Paul did not come again.  Simon did good business
    and was happy.

    Then Paul dropped in again.  “I forgot exactly where your shop was,
    but I could smell it a mile away.  You don't need a sign at all.”

    Simon then put four legs on the board, put it upright, and used it
    as a table.