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This might be a controversial statement, but I recently also reflected
for me. Todays Javascript - Lua relationship reminds me a lot of the
1990ies C - Pascal relationship. The Pascal/Lua actually the more
sane, the nicer looking, better developed language with faster parser,
but restricted to a dedicated community. C/Javascript having the mass
power and big industries behind it.

I miss Pascal too. My coding language up to 2000. Started C 1993.

What I miss from Pascal, implementation wise - Turbo/Borland/Inprise is the Unit systems - binary compiled units that a compiler can load and get definitions automatically. No need for header files and such.

Also the "with" statement, somewhat the custom arrays range, and few other things.

But nowadays when I see Pascal code it seems to verbose to me (longer keywords, etc.) - but I often remind myself - code is there to be read much more times than written.