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Am Tue, 6 Sep 2011 19:41:04 +0200
schrieb Stefan Reich <>:

> Hi guys -
> I'm looking for a web hoster that can handle ISOs. Total size 3 GB or
> so. (Right now, 1 GB will suffice.)

How about bittorrent? I could help then seeding with my server

> SourceForge might do it through their FRS (file release system), but
> that is REALLY buggy in my experience. If an upload is interrupted,
> the mirrors will mirror the broken file - and after that, not accept
> any corrected versions. Had that a couple times and stopped using FRS
> altogether.
> I managed to upload it to SourceForge web, but they actually have a
> size limit in the web server and tell you to use FRS instead.
> So, to cut a long story short - are there any hosting options out
> there that we can use?
> (Oh, and yes, this means that I am making Lua OS ISOs. They already
> work. Live and with HD install! =))
> Cheers,
> Stefan