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Lua OS is moving towards self-containment & actual productivity!

You can now write and run Safe Lua scripts using only Lua OS's
internal editor (which is itself a Safe Lua application).

Also, checkpointing the system (using the Pluto library) is enabled
(and considered experimental). A Pluto binary is supplied with the
Windows version.

Like previous versions, Lua OS 0.9 is fully orthogonally persistent
(OP works fine without checkpoints). A few more holes in GUI
persistence have been filled. Now almost all GUI stuff is persisted.

Cursor position, window order and window states (maximized/minimized)
might actually be all that still remains to be added. (If I didn't
forget anything.)


(PS: Does anyone mind these announcements? I actually skipped the last
release in order not to overflow the list with Lua OS news.)