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On Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 2:52 PM, Philippe Lhoste <> wrote:
> IIRC, this topic has been raised not so long ago.
> Personally, I would consider any code snippet released in the wild (Wiki,
> forum, mailing list, etc.) without explicit license attached[1] to fall on
> the public domain (again, this has been argued about recently, notably about
> if PD means anything), ie. can be used freely.
> Of course, it is always nice to credit original authors, if possible, and
> not to sue them if something is failing. Which is, basically, the essence of
> the MIT license used for most of Lua works/libraries...
> [1] "attached" also means to look around, eg. to look at the profile of
> users to see if they mention a license automatically applied to all their
> works, etc.
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well, if it can be considered PD (which I personally doubt) that
solves my immediate problem, but still leaves open the problem of the
copyright status of the text on the wiki.

about the "attached" note, you don't mean this for wikis do you? It
can hardly be in the spirit of the site that when you find a snippet,
you have to look through the history to check where it was first
introduced, what changes were made to the snippet and by who, check if
any of those people have anything about licencing their work, check
all those licences against each other to see if they are compatible,
before considering using it?