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于 2011-9-2 23:16, Stefan Reich 写道:
Another compiling question... hope you guys don't mind. :]

I'm trying to build Pluto on Windows. I'm doing this in Cygwin which I
assume (hope) is the appropriate environment.

I can now get it to build the .o's (pluto.o etc.). And then it makes a
libpluto.a. But what I want is a pluto.dll, obviously. How do I get

The reason why I'm doing this is, I need Pluto to print more debug
output. I got my data structure to persist, but during depersist, it
says "Attempt to index userdata" and I have no idea why it does that.


I just checked the Makefile with the Pluto 2.4 release package, it seemed not suitable for Windows building.

but Pluto is easy to build, here is the command I used to build `pluto.dll'. you may adapt this to your installed lua path.


F:\home\pluto-2.4>gcc -shared -o pluto.dll -IE:\Lua\5.1\include -LE:\Lua\5.1\lib -llua5.1 pluto.c pdep.c lzio.c


I am using mingw. and I DON'T think it should be built under Cygwin, since Cygwin use different libraries, especially the c runtime.

btw, I found there is a in the package, which I guess is to be built with msvc toolchain.
but I didn't test it, since I don't have a msvc compiler installed. you may try it yourself if you use the msvc toolchain. :)