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1.5.1 Why do Lua arrays count from one not zero?

The answer does not answer the question. Why?

I remember Luiz has given the answer once (but do not find the message
now): Because in the old days, Lua wanted to take over coders from the
Fortran community and be appealing to them. No other deeper philosophy
in there.

A personal little intereset, where does ~= come from?

1.26 Why is there no continue statement?

I think that answer could use some coding examples with 5.2 goto.

1.5.2 Can I use a conditional expression like "x ? y : b" in C?

The real answer would be. No, but. and, or etc offer a suitable
replacement in many cases, but not always. It doesnt work if both y is
not x and b is not x.

1.12 I have seen Lua code with functions like strfind; why doesn't it work?

Can we scrap that? Didn't hear that question ever, despite frequently.
Must have been from another decade.

6.1 LuaJIT is significantly faster than vanilla Lua. What's the catch?

Remove the link to shootout.alioth, as we know, that guy removed
LuaJIT, because #!*#!*#!*#!*#!*

Things I see on the list several times pop up I dont see covered
* Api checking: LUA_USE_APICECK
* Ensureing stack size
* metatables, no index and newindex on existing indexes. (and proxies
as semi-elegant workaround)
* #line style information for generators
* Domain Specific Languages
* luaposix
* millesecond sleep