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Hi Steve,

That's an impressive list. Very well done.

Some minor items I found while browsing through it;
Par 1.5; Squirrel link is dead (use instead of
Par 1.37.1; 'deprecated' link is broken (use
instead of

Something I looked into recently, but wasn't on your list is support for the
observer pattern (events) in lua. For some examples see;


> -----Original Message-----
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> On Behalf Of steve donovan
> Sent: maandag 29 augustus 2011 11:07
> To: Lua mailing list
> Subject: [ANN] Updated uFAQ (Unofficial Lua FAQ)
> Hi all,
> has been updated. I've tried to cut back on the opinions, and refer
> more closely to 5.1/5.2 differences in the text.
> Luiz suggested the new name uFAQ, which is how it is now referred to
> from the official FAQ.  He gave some good CSS tips, and I'm now
> semi-consciously styling it like that document.
> It's feeling a little long, and is probably uneven in coverage.  So
> any suggestions for refactoring would be welcome. In particular the
> sections on web programming and C/C++ bindings could do with some
> love.
> steve d.