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Times are gonna get a lot harder for critics of Lua OS. :D

Because starting with this release, Lua OS offers The Cool Feature
(TM): System-Wide Log & Replay.

Every Lua OS session is logged (with minimal or no cost) - and can be
interrupted, restored and continued at any time.

Pull your PC's plug. Turn it on again. And continue your session right
where you were, including all changes made within the last second.

In other words, we now have what is called "orthogonal persistence".

THAT is the power of sandboxes!

Orthogonal persistence, Lua-style, works with all regular Safe Lua
code (code without extra native powers). No special provisions
required. Notably, users do not have to write a single line of
persistence handling code. (The _pdata thing we have in Safe Lua is
something else and unrelated to OP.) It is all automatic.

Everything is restored - code, data, threads, stacks, inter-sandbox
references and all GUI elements.

Oh, speaking of which: In the current implementation, the GUI part of
OP is a little rough. The little things (window positions) are not
restored yet. And if you have too much GUI action, replay may kinda
just fail. We're working on that. It can be solved and it isn't
difficult. It's just a matter of pampering the Java side of the
codebase a little more.

Orthogonal persistence actually works with GUI code too in many cases.
Try opening one of the "frame" examples in 0.7 and then closing &
restoring the session.

Download here as always:

Have a nice day,