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On 8/26/11, Stefan Reich <> wrote:
> Hey folks.
> Q: Can I somehow make LuaSocket work with LuaJIT? I'm having some
> trouble there. The lack of binaries (I will never understand that) is
> making stuff difficult...
> I built LuaJIT under mingw
> ( and then
> put in LuaSocket (the binary from
> I copied the lua, socket and mime dirs to the LuaJIT dir.
> Then, when I start LuaJIT and say require "socket" - it just crashes.
> Does LuaSocket have to be built with mingw for this to work? Why are
> there no binaries for these things? Uaaarrgh. :|
> Stefan

I jumped through those hoops recently. Attached is the makefile I
used; I just changed one I found through Google. Copy it to
luasocket-2.0.2/src and run make-mingw32 in the command line in that

You'll need to edit the paths in the variables CC, CINC, LUAINC and LUADLL.

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