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Geoff Leyland wrote:
> I recently installed a "non apple" gcc 4.6 from [1], and, when I
> use that compiler to build LuaJIT, I get a LuaJIT that panics on
> wrong code.

This means exception handling is broken. LuaJIT on x64 uses
external unwinding and exception handling (i.e. C++ exceptions).
LuaJIT, when compiled with GCC 4.6 works fine on Linux.

So either the provided compiler is not properly configured or it
links against the system-provided libgcc (or wherever OSX does the
unwind handling). Sadly, OSX is frozen at GCC 4.2 for purely
political reasons. And the ancient libgcc probably cannot cope
with the unwind information generated by GCC 4.6.

So either make sure to link against the libgcc provided by GCC 4.6
or consider installing an unencumbered operating system.