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   If I'm coding in C, I use the C API (the foodblib* calls); whereas if I'm
in Lua, I indirectly use the Lua API (ultimately, the foodblua* calls).  It
seems straightforward to me, and the API mapping between C and Lua is close
enough to figure out what's going on.


Thanks Sean, Thanks again Luiz, Hi List

Luiz's point was so obvious and of course I needed someone to point it out to me, just write a Lua API over a C API. Sean's example is very straight forward and I could see this as easy enough to maintain but does anyone have feedback on maintainability with these two techniques? If I write a Lua API for a C API and the C API breaks so does the Lua one and of course they both break if the C core breaks. If the the C API breaks but not the C core the Lua API would not break. Does one strategy have more merit over the other, is there a third option?

Thanks for reading-Patrick