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Might you consider a concurrency model that isn't the classic threads+locks?

On 16 August 2011 05:25, Stefan Reich <> wrote:
Attention, People of the Moon!

Lua OS 0.4 is here! Looots of progress!! And this time, it runs on Windows.

New features in 0.4:

   A unified application running the Java frontend + the Lua backend
   Full system hibernation (this is still experimental and quite
certainly buggy)

More info & download here:

Oh, and BTW: Actual preemptive multitasking is underway. I've seen it
work, but there's some issues to take care of as per usual in these
bitchy multithreaded projects.

Thus, threads are not yet enabled in this version. In Lua OS 0.4
everything's cooperative (coroutines). Implementing everything is much
simpler that way, and we don't really lose anything in terms of power
of the platform. Preemptive multitasking is more like an optimization
than an actual feature. Since we have protection against endless loops
anyway :D

Cheers -

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