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Steve Litt <> wrote:

> I hope it comes out both in paper and PDF eBook. Paper's better to
> carry around in your backpack and browse in your spare time. PDF is
> much better when trying out sample code.

I have purchased both versions and I agree.  I have several portable
electronic devices, and it is convenient to have a copy of the PDF on
all of them.  And I don't like dealing with DRM shenanigans.

As mentioned in a private message, I didn't find the .epub version of
PiL very useful.  The prose is harder to distinguish from the code, at
least when used with FBReader.  It would be nice if this is fixed for
the next version.  If help is needed, maybe send out a sample page
with some code, and we can try to convert it using various tools to
see what looks best with various ereaders.

Thanks again for publishing an electronic version without DRM!