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How to require mod in archive package such as mpq etc?
ll_require ?

I guess Kevin's point was that you could have given us a bit more information to go on, after all you're sending your message to thousands of Lua users who don't know you and cannot tell in which context you asked the question "How to require mod in archive package such as mpq?".

I'm guessing MPQ refers to, which is apparently an archiving file format used by several Blizzard games, probably including World of Warcraft. Most people on this list, including me, have never played World of Warcraft. Therefor I think your message might be better suited to a World of Warcraft forum.

If you've already tried a World of Warcraft forum and were redirected here (it happens), please include more information in your message like which things you've already tried yourself, what errors you got, etc.

 - Peter