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On 13/08/2011 19.53, Steve Litt wrote:
On Saturday, August 13, 2011 01:09:37 PM KHMan wrote:
On 8/14/2011 1:06 AM, Lars Doelle wrote:
[snipped everything]

in LUA, which resulted

If you're still typing Lua as LUA, then IMHO, your credibility is
shot to pieces already. Good luck all the same, I guess you'll
need it.


Oh, geez, is the case of the language name your priority for judging
his credibility? Really? Is there no technical ground on which you can


I don't mean to play the devil's advocate, but I don't think KHman meant the OP's credibilty was put in doubt just because of the spelling in itself, but because it *still* wrote it that way, notwithstanding my advice in another post. BTW, it takes a bit of an effort to type it "LUA" everywhere, so it seems either deliberate or careless: moreover the OP has disrupted the thread many times and from what he says he doesn't seem to have done some homework (lurking, browsing the wiki, browsing the lua-l archive). I may be wrong though.

Anyway netiquette is important when you want to be accepted in a virtual community, otherwise you could end up being considered sort of a troll unintentionally.

You know, I was on the Lua list for 2 days, asked a simple question
about raw-reading the keyboard, and the very first response I got was a
correction of my writing of the language name. Personally, I don't
think the types of nit-picking and sniping I see on this list is
conducive to winning Lua converts, and I'd like lots of Lua converts
so there will be more and better Lua tools and frameworks.

I agree that there is some nitpicking about LUA sometimes, but IMHO it is unfair to call "sniping" the usual behaviour of lua-l netizens. I've rarely seen a sw development community which has this high level of expertise joined with this level of friendliness (classical RTFM answers are fairly rare, for example. Even for topics discussed to death).

Yes, sometimes tones may get a bit louder, but it is an overall very civilized place to live in, IMHO.

About "converts": I would avoid like the plague a sw dev community where people should be "converted" to join the "true path". I love Lua: it is fun, powerful and well designed, but it is a computer language, not a religion. If someone keeps away from Lua because of some "nitpicking", without giving the language a try (and understanding its technical merits or demerits, for his use case at least), well, I won't be sad (I don't know about Lua team, though). E.g., I happened to read, on some SW forum that Lua syntax "sucks" because it has sort of "begin ... end" like Pascal, and was evident that the poster had never written a line of Lua in his life. This is the kind of people I'd like to avoid.

Just for the record, I agree that 99.9% of the language change
requests seen on this mailing list are unnecessary and would just gum
up Lua. That even goes for my request for a continue statement, which,
after it was clear it wouldn't be done, I worked around with a simple
iterator. Ironically, my workaround was then criticized :-)

I've learned A LOT on this list when I was criticized! :-)
And It takes a lot before the classic "aha!" moment(s) in many aspects of Lua (YMMV, depending on previous programming background).

But loudly judging one's credibility on how they write the word "Lua"
isn't good public relations, and in my opinion not good for the Lua

Well, as someone already pointed out in the past, sometimes a smily emoticon could be used to avoid giving too harsh an impression, but such a "spelling criticism" is sort of trademark of this list, so it is in a way, part of the community background (sort of recurring joke, as I got it).


-- Lorenzo