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Hi there !

I finally managed to have a basic WebDAV server working. This is a pretty nice toy because it lets you use the
filesystem as interface for your application. With some trivial changes, it could be used to display an actual
filesystem but this was not my primary goal.

The server is unstable freaking dangerous, based on LuaSocket and uses a slightly modified version of LuaXml
(to use 'xml' for tagname instead of [0]). Thanks to Diego Nehab (LuaSocket), Gerald Franz (LuaXML),  Keith Howe and 
Michal Kottman (LuaCrypto) for sharing their code without which I could not have created the server...

It's just two files (lk.WebServer and lk.DavServer) and it should be easy to adapt to any kind of need.

Simple example: 

Cheers !