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On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 03:19:18PM +0200, Jose Marin wrote:
> These tools allow me to insert break points, trace function calls, 
> check variables values, and so on.
> But for Lua I still don´t have a debug strategy.
> How do you debug your Lua code?
I don't use interactive debuggers, I put statements like  

    print (function_name.." parameters ", ...)
    assert(x, "x not defined yet?  This is a bug")

in the code right from the start and gradually comment them out with
until all are gone.  Occasionally re-enabling one of the other by
changing `--[[` to `---[[`, as recommended at the end of PiL §1.2.

> Also, do you use strict.lua in your production code?