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Hi Leaf, Hi List

I like what you have done with moonscript. It looks fun and I will try it out but what is also great is that you have built something that you like to work with but that is still compatible with Lua itself.

There are other languages that take a similar approach to compatibility such as Objective Lua. Could I suggest that you and other like minded individuals form some sort of common core alliance like what Debian did:

There are always many posts to the list from people who want to have things changed in the language(exceptions, nil, #, local vs global) if there was some sort of ground rules laid out and perhaps some sort of intermediary API then people could add or remove features while still retaining commonality. If these other languages built all their libraries in Lua or C with the C API then we could all benefit from their work.

Just a suggestion if anyone is interested........ I can't really help to make it a reality right now though-Patrick