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Sorry to bother the list again.

Just to ask whether this is the right place to ask for lfs support, since I had little feedback till now.

I'd like to avoid cross posting, so I'm asking this before trying with the Kepler project mailing list (BTW would that be the right place to ask?).

Since almost no one seemed concerned, maybe the issue I found is really a glitch with no harmful consequences, but I'm a bit paranoid and I'd really appreciate a definitive word about it, especially to rule out a possible memory leak when trying to close a dir object (I haven't the C expertise to judge by myself just reading the code).

For what I understand it is not something only related to my system/toolchain, but could affect all Win32 systems: analyzing the source of lsf.c it seems that d->hFile is initialized to 0L in dir_iter_factory and assigned an active handle only after the first call to dir_iter, so dir_close will always get a 0L for d->hFile if no iteration has taken place yet, and therefore won't update d->closed to 1 in this case.

-- Lorenzo