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Am 06.08.2011 06:22, schrieb Brian Maher:
  [1] Set the LUA_ROOT global variable to dirname(dirname(argv[0])) in
pmain() of lua.c

  [2] Modify setpath() in loadlib.c so it replaces the special "..."
token with the LUA_ROOT global variable and if that fails, fall-back
to the LUA_ROOT compile time define.

I'm not sure about the semantic yet, but should that not handled similar to what is done for windows in (Lua 5.1) luaconf.h?
** In Windows, any exclamation mark ('!') in the path is replaced by the
** path of the directory of the executable file of the current process.

i.e.: "!" instead of "...", correct?

Please excuse my question (I'm a windows user), why these thing is solved differently at all?