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In message <20110805115452.GA18279@rondloper> you wrote:

> We're straying off-topic, but I can't let this pass.  Addition and
> multiplication _are_ commutative.  Granted, if you have three numbers,
> order of addition becomes important, but that is a consequence of 
> non-associativity.  You have three possible answers, depending only 
> on which of the three numbers sits out in the first addition.

You are right. I was not thinking straight.

To revert to topic, I guess the important point is whether moving
to C99 would make a difficulty for any maintainers of Lua implementations
on strange and unusual platforms. I always thought of RISC OS as an
example in this category, but in fact C99 is not a problem for it.

Gavin Wraith (
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