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On 03.08.2011 20:33, HyperHacker wrote:

> I actually think an OS written mostly in Lua could be a very practical
> and useful idea - just not on the PC. Think of smartphones, tablets,
> and so forth. Android is mostly Java, with all applications being pure
> Java - why can't similar be done with Lua? I suspect a phone OS
> written in Lua would be much like Android, but simpler (Android's API
> is horrendously complicated) and leaner (for having Lua instead of
> Java).

AFAIK Android is:
1. linux kernel
2. dalvik VM
3. set of C/C++ libraries
4. application framework (written in java)
5. applications (written in java)

Google for "android architecture", or look at

So for "lua-based OS" you could reuse (linux kernel+drivers) and C
libraries, and use some existing lua bindings (or use FFI).
The application framework and the applications would have been written
from scratch.

Also, check out this thread: