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> * findfield includes a variable named found that's initialized to 0 and
>   used in the while loop condition, but never set to any other value
>   (the function returns directly when it finds what it's looking for).


> * pushfuncname checks the activation record's 'what' field to see if
>   it's 'C' or 't', and if so it thinks it has a function and tries to
>   find the name for it. The documentation doesn't mention anything
>   about what 't' might mean. 
> I searched but couldn't find anything that would set the 'what' field
> to anything other than the documented values. Assuming that's the case
> the code could be cleaned up a little bit.

Thanks. (The 't' was left from the old scheme of tail-call reporting;
it meant a tail call.)

-- Roberto