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Benjamin Segovia <> writes:

> Hello all,
> still in the context of asm-from-one-machine to lua translation, I am
> facing some difficulties.
> For various reasons (mostly because the machine I am simulating is a
> SIMD vector machine), I need to handle forward jumps with the idiom:
> while true do
> {... a lot of compute ...}
> if some_condition_on_the_lane_of_the_simd_vector then break end
> {... a lot of compute ...}
> break -- this one is to exit anyway
> end
> So, basic blocks are handled with these idioms.

That's not a nice idiom.  Perhaps

until false

is better recognizable to luajit?  That way the fall-through exit is
more conspicuous.  And since it is more idiomatic, chances are better
that Mike caters for this...

David Kastrup