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On 26 June 2011 10:53, liam mail <> wrote:
Maybe I am missing something yet both of these functions seems to be lacking any sort of meaningful documentation[1][2] which explains the purpose and usage of them.

Looking at the documentation that is written for these two functions[3] makes them sound like they are actually internal functions for which I do not see the purpose of them. ie why would the C API have functions to generate return values for Lua calls and how would you use them? 
I really do not know so any enlightenment would be gratefully received.


This function produces the return values for file-related functions in the standard library (, os.rename, file:seek, etc.).
This function produces the return values for process-related functions in the standard library (os.execute and io.close).


For the benefit of anybody searching this list some time in the future wondering what these functions are for:

From an IRC conversation I am lead to believe that these functions are ones which the authors provide so that people who write Lua modules in C can generate an error message which is consistant with Lua core generated errors( et al). This was not apparent to me and it feel it would be a good idea to include such information in the documentation for these functions, rather than leaving it as implied if this is the case.