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On 29/06/2011 22.17, Patrick Rapin wrote:
What's the UTF-8 sequence for the unicorn symbol? ;-) :-D

0xE9 0xBA 0x9F obviously :P

Great, this is in fact true [1].
Well quite, since it is only for female unicorns...


BTW, great source of info!

I haven't installed a full unicode font, so that sequence, put into a text file, only showed a little box with 9e9f inside. I discovered by googling that it was a CJK code point, but wasn't able to display it, since every unicode table I found assumed I had a full unicode font.

So I inferred that it should have been an Unicorn :-)

The link above show you the glyph using an image, not relying on the font installed on your machine.

Cool! Thanks! (Marked for future reference! :-)

-- Lorenzo