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> I'm curious, once it reaches beta, how long can we expect it to remain there?

Hopefully not too long.  Here is the chronology of Lua 5.1:

 Sep  9  2005 lua-5.1-alpha.tar.gz
 Nov 18  2005 lua-5.1-beta.tar.gz
 Jan 12  2006 lua-5.1-rc1.tar.gz
 Jan 24  2006 lua-5.1-rc2.tar.gz
 Feb  7  2006 lua-5.1-rc3.tar.gz
 Feb 10  2006 lua-5.1-rc4.tar.gz
 Feb 20  2006 lua-5.1.tar.gz

So two months from beta to final-rc1 and one more month till final.