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A minor manual edit:
In section 8.3, luaL_typerror() should be marked removed rather than deprecated.

To help test Lua 5.2.0-beta with existing libraries using typerror,
eg. Luasocket, I just added the following definition in lauxlib.h (for
example in the "Useful macros" section):

   #define luaL_typerror(L,n,tname) (luaL_argerror(L,(n),lua_pushfstring(L, \
      "%s expected, got %s", (tname), luaL_typename(L,(n)))))

And just in case it may save some time for some readers,
in order to build Luasocket 2.0.2, I also added the following to
CFLAGS in file 'config':
    -DluaL_putchar=luaL_addchar \
    -DluaL_reg=luaL_Reg \