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2011/6/26 steve donovan <>
On Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 6:32 PM, Xavier Wang <> wrote:
> Obj is a C++ class binding by tolua, it seems that memory2 and memory3 is
> the same! so I don't have my memory back, how do I make my memory back after
> collect?

Maybe try calling collectgarbage "collect" twice;  objects with __gc
get cleaned up on the next pass.

steve d.

I tried it, but it still some memory can not back:
          Memory: before for: total memory = 1710.259765625 KB
          Memory: before collect: total memory = 1831.9296875 KB
          Memory: After collect: total memory = 1831.630859375 KB
          Memory: After collect: total memory = 1804.232421875 KB