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Last May, I did a mechanical diff of 5.1.4 and 5.2-work3, and wrote up
the changes [1]. As an experiment in different ways of presenting
changes, I've just done a manual diff of the 5.1.4 and 5.2-beta-rc2
reference manuals, and annotated the latter with the changes. The
resulting document is:

In doing so, I noted the following list of possible issues in the
5.2-beta-rc2 reference manual:

2.1 says "The expressions a[i] and a[j] denote the same table element
if and only if i == j." -- should this make some reference to raw
equality (as == can be overridden)?
2.3 says "before the error unwonds the stack" -- should this be unwinds?
2.5.1 says "after a userdata is marked, you can freely change the __gc
field of its metatable" -- is the same not true of tables?
4.8 For alternations in their APII's, lua_getmetatable and lua_next
use vertical bar, whereas lua_arith uses a slash.
4.8 The function lua_getuservalue is where lua_getfenv used to be,
rather than being in the correct alphabetical order, likewise for
4.8 The final paragraph for lua_newuserdata uses the term "marks" with
a different meaning to the "marking" previously used when explaining
__gc. The wording might also want to be slightly more careful about
stating when a __gc metamethod can be called.
4.8 Should the return value of ua_pushliteral be changed to const char*?
4.9 The 'u' option to lua_getinfo doesn't mention isvararg or nparams.
4.9 Should lua_getstack say the same things about tail calls that
debug.getinfo does?
4.9 There are brackets around the name of lua_upvalueid, and no other
functions have such brackets.
5.1 luaL_checkversion seems to indicate a return type of void* rather than void.
5.1 luaL_fileresult uses a slash for its alternation, whereas
luaL_getmetafield uses a vertical bar.
6.8 Should io.lines have a comma before the ellipses?
6.10 The function debug.getuservalue is where debug.getfenv used to
be, rather than being in the correct alphabetical order, likewise for