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David Kastrup <> writes:

> Miles Bader <> writes:
>> Alexander Gladysh <> writes:
>>> Most excellent news !!! Thank you, Mike, you've made my day!
>>> And thank you, anonymous corporate sponsors, whoever you are!
>> Me too... thank you Mike!  and thank you sponsors!
>> [Hmm, I wonder why they stay anonymous; is there some downside to
>> everybody thinking you're cool...?]
> Stockholders don't pay you for being cool.  It might well be a
> strategic decision from people who are not supposed to make strategic
> decisions.

By the way: I remember being in a company where there was a strategic
decision to move to Java technology and Windows and MS Office apps,
since a major part of the company specialized in Java, also used
Windows, and what amounts to the board was comfortable using MS Office.

But our department mostly consisted of UNIX/Linux specialized people.
Basically we thought "how bad can that be"?  After all, we were moving
to market leading technology with in-house expertise.  User-friendly
stuff, well-know and well-documented, similar functionality, and the
core technology (TeX) was available in the same flavor (TeXlive).  Also
there was mingw for some stuff and scripts.

We were determined to make it work.  It didn't.  When we were basically
at proof-of-concept in all categories something like 9 months later, we
pulled the plug on that approach.  Of course, one had catching up to do
as well, and in a badly timed coincidence with an ailing economy, the
resulting total streak of unprofitability got the plug pulled on most of
the department.

Anyway: sometimes a department will try to do better than prescribed.
And until they have success as an excuse, they might decide to be quiet
about it.

David Kastrup