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I wrote:
> Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
> > >  b) Create the ctype table on the fly when building Lua.
> > >     May become difficult when cross-compiling (HOST_CC needed
> > >     which uses the same encoding as the TARGET_CC).
> > 
> > Another option is to create it on the fly when opening the Lua state.
> Yes.  But please, if you go that route, pre-initialize the table
> for ASCII and wrap the initialization with something like
> "if ('A' != 65)" or "#ifdef USE_NONASCII_CHARSET" else most of the
> Lua users would suffer only because of the EBCDIC guys.

Hmm... to make that multi-threading save the ctype table has to be in
the Lua-state :-/

Ciao, ET.