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I would definitely be interested in picking up a few of this type of thing, heck I'd even send ya some shipping reimbursement :).  If you have any spares of the Relay boards and/or motor control boards it would be great.

What info do you have on pricing for the Boobie Boards?  I do some work with local robotics and kids groups and have been trying to source/create a simple and inexpensive base system for use.  The ideal solution would (at minimum) have drive lines for 2 DC (3 would be a "nice to have") motors with 4 GPIO's for input sensors (switches/PIR/light) or state indicators (LED's) and should be able to use a variety of battery types.

Also what base micro are you using?  Atmel, TI, Pic, Propeller, ARM, etc?

 - Jeremy

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 8:55 AM, Andrew Armstrong <> wrote:
I like to interface various hardware to Lua somewhat similar to:

I have a number of early revision boards in stock that I would love to get rid of and free up some stores space, unfortunately these do not come equipped with a USB interface on them, but USB to serial cables are easy to come by.

These will be pre-programmed with a basic interface to allow you to operate IO directly on the unit via serial, or from Lua - also down the serial. I have source code that lets my web-servers talk to the hardware etc.. The more proficient users can also reprogram these at a low level if they want to fancier things, like ADCs, signal processing etc. I have even managed to get one to talk to an SD card to store data.

I recently created a rig using one that drives a stepper motor and operate a camera to take 360degree pictures of objects etc.

If you are interested in said boards, please feel free to email me. As I said, these are free, but with one caveat, if you create something cool I would love to hear about it or see it. I will soon be blogging my own creations!

Best Regards,

Andrew Armstrong