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On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 14:19, Michael Rose <> wrote:
>          @123 "filename"\n

Good stuff here, but requiring a new line is a bad idea. In some
cases, the code of different lines in the source file could end up in
a single line of Lua. I have such a case ion a toy language I'm
playing with (in which I had already implemented a tail call based
goto with similar scoping rules as the ones proposed in Lua 5.2 beta

@123 "filename"@ would not prevent @TK_NAME@ from existing either
(since the latter cannot start with a digit). BTW, the @TK_NAME@ would
also be very useful in my case. I currently append a long, random
string to all identifiers, but it is more a hack than anything else.

I also like the statement-expressions idea (but not its syntax... I
would prefer it in a dark red).