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Hi Cameron,

IMHO it's good at Java, PHP, and in theory C/C++

* C/C++:
* PHP:

The draw, for PHP at least, is that it indexes the code and phpDocumentor comments. When you hover over some unknown function, you get the docs as a tooltip, auto-complete, and are a keystroke away from the file that contains the function. This, plus all the tools and plugins.

That said, I have much of this in jEdit with plugins for ctags and friends. It's just prettier in Netbeans. I haven't started using Netbeans regularly yet because jEdit has Lua syntax highlighting, as well as everything else I use for other scripting languages. I'm just looking for greener grass on the other side of the fence. I did find a Netbeans plugin named Lua Topping but it doesn't parse my Renoise scripts very well. It reports errors where there aren't any. 

I'm not sure how committed I am to this. I just thought i'd shout into the void to see if there was interest, or existing solutions.

Those URLs again for posterity's sake:


Best regards,

> What's the draw to Netbeans? I don't have any particular experience with it,
> but I get the impression from what I read that its strength is developing
> JavaEE web applications.
> I did have some Java chops a couple of years ago, but taking on an
> additional project is probably not wise for me to do - half-done ones litter
> my hard drive like blunted, unfinished swords in a chaotic smithy.
> Best of luck!
> -Cameron Seebach