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Over the past few weeks I have made an unholy merger of the various
C/Lua readline completion implementations, in particular, Jay
Carlson's, of which I made a new release recently, and the code by
Steve Donovan, Patrick Rapin and Ulrich on the wiki at and I'm happy to
announce release 2. I have attempted to make a reasonably clean
implementation that addresses some of the criticisms of release 1, in
particular adding some functionality and improving the Makefile a bit.
Also, this version seems to work with Lua 5.2 alpha.

I have removed the code from the wiki (not a good place for code) and
put it on github: I'm very
happy to take patches, preferably in the form of github pull requests,
and of course others can fork my repo and add links to the wiki page.

This area could use further improvement. In particular, I have not
considered Mike Pall's pure C readline patch, nor looked at , which offers more
additional interpreter functionality than just better completion. It
would be nice to get a solid and widely-used version of this
completion/interpreter improvement code.
I do not intend to develop it further myself, but I'm happy to accept
fixes, both to the completion code and build code, and enhancements,
to the degree that consensus emerges on what those should be.

Finally, if any original author feels I've done them out of credit,
tell me and I'll fix it; I wasn't able to tell accurately who had
written what.

Send or copy comments and bug reports directly to me please, as at
present I don't have time to read lua-l.