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On 13/06/2011 13.54, steve donovan wrote:
On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 1:45 PM, Lorenzo Donati
<>  wrote:
Of course not for building API documentation, but for "in-house"
documentation. Sometimes it happens that a long module has to be
refactored/changed/extended and some of its "private" local functions are to
be reused (or made public).

This is a good argument. I would suggest however that such private
functions/tables/etc live in their own 'documentation namespace', e.g.
'Local Functions' so that the external user of the API won't be

Yes, of course. In fact I was about to suggest that ldoc could have a switch to allow private vs. public documentation generation option.

Then add a @private tag to whatever entity you want not to appear in the API docs.

The cherry on top would be that @private were followed by a keyword, to differentiate between different kind of "privateness".

Then you could do, say (syntax to be designed better):

ldoc -private

to generate full documentation on internal stuff, or

ldoc -private "utility,broken"

to generate private docs only for items tagged as

@private utility


@private broken

steve d.