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Hello there,

I'm Enrique García Cota, web developer in Madrid(Spain).

I've been using Lua for a couple years now, so I guess it was time for me to show up on this list.

I've done several small projects in Lua; I like doing utility projects for others to use. The most recent one is a Lua koans project, called Lua Missions. It's here:

For those who don't know what koans are, they are basically failing tests. You are supposed to fix them. In the process of fixing them, you learn the language.

I believe that using the name "koans" for these of "illustrative tests for learning a language" came from the guys behind My lib is inspired on theirs.

The koans have been tested on windows, ubuntu and mac platforms. Windows users will get monochrome console output, while *nix users should get colorized output.

The library is still on the early beta stage. Certainly the list of things tested isn't exhaustive, and one should expect misspellings and incorrect names or minor inconsistencies here and there.

But the tests are enjoyable enough, (specially when resolved while pair programming, as proved by a small group of testers) and they cover a significant chunk of the language.

I'd appreciate any feedback/comments on it. Pull requests, if you are into that kind of thing, are also welcome.

Best regards,

Enrique García Cota (@otikik)