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From the detailed graph it's shooting up like a rocket. 1% in the last 1
month? LOL. The search counts must have been riding on the coattails of
Angry Birds. (Rather, the coattails of iOS and Android mindshare.)

More likely that's Corona SDK, not Angry Birds.

Would be interesting to see when the percentage will dive right down
again. If you look at the graph for Go, it had a big hump at the
beginning of the graph, then tapers off a lot.

Hard to quantify anything, since it is not a measurement of quantity --
it is a fractional value of a collection of languages. By their measure,
even Ruby is steadily sliding downwards... or is it just due to a bigger
total of hits? Still, TIOBE is a convenient gimmick for bamboozling the
management to support your favourite language...

It's true, it's just a hype meter, I actually trust this site more:

Still I don't think Lua will drop like Go or P0wershell, which both had major advertising power to raise their hype factor at first. Lua also won't overtake Java until PUC also offers strippers-N-steaks to upper software design managers :)

All-in-all I think it's jut nice to see the work of the Lua team gaining more recognition year after year, regardless of the mechanisms.