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> I've just been building Lua 5.2 alpha and trying to change some
> built-in symbol defaults using MYCFLAGS. This turns out to be
> impossible, because each machine-specific target, e.g. linux,
> redefines MYCFLAGS. Is this intentional?

No, not intentional, but it's a known limitation.
Anyone wishing to do anything more complicated should edit the Makefile,
which is not too hard, is it?

OTOH, we'll see what can be done, if anything. But we do not want to give
the wrong impression: the Makefile is not bullet-proof, and its main goal is
to work for the common cases and to be easily edited for the other cases.
For that goal, the Makefile collects the established wisdom of what commands
and flags should be used for the common platforms.

BTW, I never did get any final feedback on what platforms are common *today*,
as opposed to the ones that were common in 2006, when Lua 5.1 was released:
   aix ansi bsd freebsd generic linux macosx mingw posix solaris

Are aix and solaris still needed? Are bsd and freebsd still needed?
Are any platforms missing? What platforms can be merged?

And, yes, I know the main gripe about the Makefile is that it insists on
using readline and Ubuntu, say, does not have the header files for it
installed by default...