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On 06.06.2011 9:41, HyperHacker wrote:

It is a bit strange, but I don't see the harm in showing a meaningless minus sign? The alternative would be modifying tostring to do an additional check, and that has its own issues: adding code to "fix" a harmless "bug", not "fixing" it completely (what about string.format and other places a -0 could sneak through?) causing inconsistency, formatting (how to display -0.0000000000001?), and people inevitably complaining when it *doesn't* show -0, to name a few.

Some additional code for tostring, string.format and other such places won't cause a slowdown. I'm pretty sure -0.0000000000001 would be better displayed as 0 rather then -0 for tasks Lua is used for. There are people who need -0 in C, but I doubt there's a single person who needs it in Lua.

Best regards,
Sergey Rozhenko